4.22/17, 4/26/17 White-winged Crossbills at Vanderbilt Mansion

Date: 4/22, 4/26/17Contributor(s): Gerhard and Tracy Patsch, Barbara Mansell

Location: Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site

Details: On 4/22/17 an eBird report was made by Gerhard Patsch and ...See more.

12.30.16 Chipping Sparrow – Pitcher Lane, Red Hook

Date: 12.30.16Contributor(s): Carena Pooth, Bert Pooth

Location: Pitcher Lane, Red Hook

Details: A Chipping Sparrow was found on Pitcher Lane at Greig Farm, Red Hook ...See more.

Fall Warblers – Tennessee Warbler

Details: Fall Warblers – The Tennessee Warbler This Tennessee Warbler was quite yellow, unlike its ...See more.

Olive-sided Flycatcher – Buttercup East 5.14.15

Date: 5-14-2015Contributor(s): Carena Pooth

Location: Buttercup East

Details: Carena Pooth found an Olive-sided Flycatcher at Buttercup East, Stanfordville, on the eastern (...See more.

Lark Sparrow – Salt Point Turnpike (east of Market Lane intersection) 8.22.2014

Date: 8.22.2014Contributor(s): Barbara Mansell

Location: Stanfordville NY

Details: 8-22-2014 - Barbara Mansell found a Lark Sparrow mid-day moving between the intersection ...See more.

Mourning warbler – Peach Hill, Poughkeepsie 5.14.2014

Date: 5.14.2014Contributor(s): Ryan MacLean

Location: Peach Hill Park, Poughkeepsie NY

Details: Peach Hill Park, Edgewood Drive & Patricia Lane, Poughkeepsie, continues to be a ...See more.

Lawrence’s Warbler – Buttercup Preserve East, Stanfordville 5.13.2014

Date: 5.11.2014Contributor(s): Susan Fox Rogers, Christina Baal

Location: Buttercup Preserve EAST

Details: The Lawrence's Warbler first discovered by Susan Fox Rogers and Christina Baal on ...See more.

Prothonotary Warbler at Dennings Point 5/9/14

Date: 5.9.2014Contributor(s): Aimee LaBarr

Location: Dennings Point

Details: Club member Aimee LaBarr reported to eBird, "The prothonotary warbler is a short ...See more.

Vesper Sparrow – Stony Kill Farm 10/18/13

Date: 10/18/13Contributor(s): Steve Golladay

Location: Stony Kill Farm,79 Farmstead Ln & Rt 9D, Wappingers Falls, NY

Details:   The Vesper Sparrow is a rarely seen Summer resident usually only seen ...See more.

Black-throated Gray Warbler – Stony Kill Farm Muller Pond Trail 9/20/13

Details: Ken Harris called to report a sighting of a Black-throated Gray Warbler seen ...See more.

Clay-colored Sparrows reported – Stony Kill Farm and Long Dock Park, Beacon – 9/18/13

Date: 9/18/2013Contributor(s): Steve Golladay, Ken Harris (Long Dock Park, Beacon)

Location: Stony Kill Farm, Long Dock Park

Details: At about 5:30 PM yesterday ( 9/18/13) Steve Golladay saw and ...See more.

CONNECTICUT WARBLER – Nuclear Lake 9/17/13 @ 11 am

Details: Excerpted from a forwarded email from Gary Zylkuski received at 1:30pm - "...See more.