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Latest Photo

Reporting Banded Birds

Details: [caption id="attachment_5718" align="aligncenter" width="400"] American Kestrel (female) photographed by ...See more.

A Winter Spectacle – by Carena Pooth

Contributor(s): Carena Pooth

Details: A Winter Spectacle By Carena Pooth The crows and starlings are using their ...See more.

Fall birding

Details: Fall birding! American Tree Swallow, Snow Buntings, Horned Larks return ~ Common Merganser returns ...See more.

Fall Warblers – Tennessee Warbler

Details: Fall Warblers – The Tennessee Warbler This Tennessee Warbler was quite yellow, unlike its ...See more.

Notable Bird Sightings – Jan – March, 2016

Details: RTWBC member Alan Peterson writes about notable bird sightings in Dutchess County for ...See more.

Hudson Valley Mammals

Details: Some Mammal sightings in the Hudson Valley [caption id="attachment_3687" align="alignnone" ...See more.

Broad-winged Hawks are migrating

Details: Broad-winged Hawk Migration The Broad-winged hawk (Buteo platypterus) is a small, compact summer ...See more.

Mid-August-Early September Birding Calendar

Details: *  Watch for migrating sandpipers and Common Nighthawks. *Look for casual migrants, which wander ...See more.

July Birding Calendar

Details: July Birding Calendar Look for young, particularly large broods of poults (young Wild ...See more.

6-4-15 Yellow-breasted Chat at the Mills-Norrie “Hopeland Area”

Date: 6.04.2015Contributor(s): Steve Bauer

Location: Hopeland Area - Mills-Norrie

Details: A Yellow-breasted Chat was seen on 6-4-15 by Steven Bauer and Susan Rogers ...See more.

Field Trip to Ferncliff Forest – 5/5/15

Details: 5/5/15  The R.T. Waterman field trip to Ferncliff Forest was ...See more.

Least Bittern

Details: Two least bittern pictures from 5/5 taken on the Harlem Valley Rail ...See more.