Where to Bird

Looking for information on local birding sites? You have options!

Click on the green type to choose Google Maps or the traditional Dutchess County Map.

Or view the updated online version of Where to Bird in Dutchess County, 3rd edition.

Google Maps

Our Google Maps page can provide birding site information; personalized travel directions; road or satellite maps; and information on other nearby businesses and organizations.

  • Looking for a specific site? Find your site in the alphabetical list, then click on it for site information.
  • Using GPS? The coordinates are already included with the site address.
  • Need personalized directions? Click on the Google+ page link in the lower left of the site pop-up (if available) or go to www.google.com/maps for links to Directions or other map searches.
  • Just browsing? Click on any pin above to get the site information pop-up. Or use the icon in the upper left of the map to get the full list.

I Prefer The Traditional Waterman Bird Club Map

This Dutchess County map shows numbered locations corresponding to the list of birding sites. Click on the name of the site you are looking for to get site information and general directions.

Can’t find the name you’re looking for? Check our Local Names Directory.