Welcome to the Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club

Interested in birds? We are too! Since 1958, RTWBC has been Dutchess County’s bird club. We have a full schedule of regular field trips and monthly programs. We support the science of birds and birding education. And we welcome all who share with us an interest in birds and the natural world. Subscribe with your email below, or use the RSS feeds, to receive our news and announcements, rare and notable bird alerts, or share our latest photos. Explore our Publications: checklists, guides, and an online book with the history of our local bird species. Learn from our Resources: where to bird, FAQs, injured and orphaned birds, and more. And enjoy our beautiful birds — everywhere!

Birdsong recording “Wood Thrush at dusk…with a few friends.” by Ray Mansell.
Photo Credits (left to right): Golden Eagles (Deb Tracy-Kral); Eastern Bluebird (Elisa Shaw); American Kestrel (Carena Pooth)