Breeding Bird Atlas

Great Horned Owl and owlet

A Breeding Bird Atlas maps the distribution of each species of bird that breeds within the state. The state is divided into blocks and each was surveyed to find breeding evidence for each bird species. In New York State the first Atlas was completed in 1985 after five years of field work. New York was the first state to repeat their Atlas, which was done in 2000-2005. Now we can see changes in the breeding locations used by each bird. Members of the Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club provided valuable field work for both Atlases, surveying the 90 or so blocks within Dutchess County.

“Atlasing” is great fun and a “Don’t miss” experience for every birder. Stay tuned for Atlas III in 2020.

See the Breeding Bird Atlas home page for more information about the methods used. BBA home page

See the results of both Atlases, with maps showing the changes between the two Atlases. Atlas results and maps

Ravens have expanded dramatically since the first Atlas, including a move into Dutchess County. To see the Raven maps click on the results link above, scroll down and click on “Alphabetic Order”. Click on “Raven”, then on “Common Raven”.
OR, click here to go directly to the Raven maps.