White-winged Scoter – Lavelle Road pond, Amenia NY 10.31.2015

Date: 10.31.2015Contributor(s): Deb Tracy-Kral

Location: Lavelle Road, Amenia

A White-winged Scoter was photographed amongst the hundreds of Canada Geese, a lone Hooded Merganser and a handful of Mallards on 10.31.2015 on the pond at the end of Lavelle Road, Amenia (Weeping Spruce Preserve).

“The majority of White-winged Scoters winter on the Atlantic coast, many migrating from central and western Canada. Although they may not always fly directly over Dutchess County, the increased numbers and willingness to migrate over land contribute to finding more White-winged than other scoter species in Dutchess County”.  from  THE BIRDS OF DUTCHESS COUNTY, NY by Stan DeOrsey and Barbara Butler  https://watermanbirdclub.org/publications/the-birds-of-dutchess-county-ny/

White-winged Scoter

White-winged Scoter

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