RTWBC Library Index

American Kestrel (female with wing band)

The Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club (RTWBC) library is housed in the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies library at the CIES Administration (Plant Science) building in Millbrook. The building is located on Sharon Turnpike Route 44. The CIES library hours are M – F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. ONLY RTWBC members and CIES staff may borrow any of the RTWBC library material. For membership information, see our Join! page.

NOTE: The Library area at Cary’s Plant Science Building is currently being renovated, and our library materials have been temporarily moved. If you need any materials, contact librarian Amy Schuler via email at schulera@caryinstitute.org or by phone to 845-677-7600 x 164.

RTWBC members must enter the building through the main entrance and sign the register at the reception desk, then proceed to the library on the lower floor via the spiral staircase just behind the receptionist or the elevator down the main corridor. The RTWBC library materials are located in four sets of wooden bookshelves off the center aisle on the lower floor. The material is organized using the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) numbering system and shelved in ascending order. The accumulated pamphlet travel information is filed in two binders that are labeled “Travel.” In each binder are clear sleeves with the associated travel guides and information.

On top of the bookshelves is a sign labeled Waterman Bird Club Collection and a plastic binder with Sign Out / In sheets. RTWBC members may ONLY borrow material from this part of the library. The presiding chair of the RTWBC History and Library Committee and the CIES Librarian are available for help or if you have any questions.

Download the Library Index

Procedure for Checking Out Club Materials:

  • Fill in the title of the material borrowed and the associated LCC number.
  • Fill in your name and phone number.
  • Fill in the Sign Out date.
  • Place a check mark under the appropriate Affiliation column.

Procedure for Checking In Club Materials:

  • Place the borrowed material in the appropriate place according to the LCC number on the proper shelf.
  • Fill in the Sign In date.