Injured, Orphaned, and Nuisance Birds

Black Vulture

When Do Birds Need Help?

Unfortunately, birds sometimes get in trouble and need our help. It’s important to know when to intervene. In fact, most young birds that are “rescued” by well-meaning people do not need help and should have been left alone. So how do you know when to step in and when to leave well enough alone?  Read here for answers to questions raised by young wildlife, especially baby birds, that appear to be abandoned.

You will find some very helpful information about dealing with injured birds on the page Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research. Another excellent resource, containing a wealth of information in all areas of wildlife rehabilitation, is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory. You may even become inspired to become involved in wildlife rehabilitation yourself—our area needs more people helping wildlife in this way.

When You Need to Call a Wildlife Rehabilitator…

Please understand that in all cases, these kind and generous individuals are swamped with calls and cannot take in every animal, as their facilities are limited. Quite often, just getting advice over the phone will be enough for you to get the animal back on its feet (or or on the wing or into its nest). At other times, you will need more hands-on assistance.

See this list of rehabilitators maintained by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Check the NYS Wildlife Rehabilitators website for a list of rehabilitators (when you get to the website, look at Region 3).

When Birds Are Causing Problems…

Much as we enjoy watching birds, some of them can definitely cause problems, including damage our houses.

Read here to learn why that woodpecker is making holes in your house and what to do about it.

This NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website contains lots of helpful information about dealing with nuisance birds as well as other wildlife.  It covers advice on prevention and control as well as a list of state licensed wildlife control operators, should you need more help.