Bird Sightings

Reporting Banded Birds

Details: [caption id="attachment_5718" align="aligncenter" width="400"] American Kestrel (female) photographed by ...See more.

4.22/17, 4/26/17 White-winged Crossbills at Vanderbilt Mansion

Date: 4/22, 4/26/17Contributor(s): Gerhard and Tracy Patsch, Barbara Mansell

Location: Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site

Details: On 4/22/17 an eBird report was made by Gerhard Patsch and ...See more.

12.30.16 Chipping Sparrow – Pitcher Lane, Red Hook

Date: 12.30.16Contributor(s): Carena Pooth, Bert Pooth

Location: Pitcher Lane, Red Hook

Details: A Chipping Sparrow was found on Pitcher Lane at Greig Farm, Red Hook ...See more.

A Winter Spectacle – by Carena Pooth

Contributor(s): Carena Pooth

Details: A Winter Spectacle By Carena Pooth The crows and starlings are using their ...See more.

Fall birding

Details: Fall birding! American Tree Swallow, Snow Buntings, Horned Larks return ~ Common Merganser returns ...See more.

11/5/16 Hudsonian Godwit – Strauss Marsh, Amenia

Date: 11/5/16Contributor(s): Barbara Mansell, RT Waterman Bird Club FT

Location: Strauss Marsh, Haight Rd, Amenia

Details: Participants on the RT Waterman "Northern Dutchess Ducks" field trip located a Hudsonian ...See more.

Red Phalarope – Hunn’s Lake, Stanfordville NY 10.23.2016

Date: 10.23.16Contributor(s): Carena Pooth, Herb Thompson

Location: Hunn's Lake, Stanfordville

Details: A Red Phalarope was discovered by Carena Pooth and Herb Thompson foraging along ...See more.

Fall Warblers – Tennessee Warbler

Details: Fall Warblers – The Tennessee Warbler This Tennessee Warbler was quite yellow, unlike its ...See more.

Greater White-fronted Goose – Ryder Pond, Stanfordville

Date: 10/16/16Contributor(s): Chet Vincent, Adrienne Popko, Jim Clinton

Location: Ryder Pond, Stanfordville NY

Details: A Greater White-fronted Goose was sighted by Chet Vincent on 10/16/16 ...See more.

Notable Bird Sightings – Jan – March, 2016

Details: RTWBC member Alan Peterson writes about notable bird sightings in Dutchess County for ...See more.

3/20/16 Red-headed Woodpeckers – Rhinebeck, NY

Date: 3/20/16Contributor(s): Justin Schmidt

Location: Rhinebeck NY

Details: Two Red-headed Woodpeckers were observed and photographed in a Rhinebeck swamp on 3/...See more.

2/23/16 Extralimital sighting (Ulster Co.) – Bullock’s Oriole, Milton NY

Date: 2/18/16Contributor(s): David Baxter

Location: Milton, NY (Ulster County)

Details: The oriole coming to an Ulster County feeder and first reported to eBird ...See more.