Birds of Dutchess County 1933-1979


Birds of Dutchess County 1933 – 1964  and Birds of Dutchess County 1964 – 1979

By Eleanor Pink and Otis Waterman

These two books were published by the Waterman Bird Club in 1967 and 1980 respectively. They update county bird sighting records following the previous book, The Birds of Dutchess County by Ludlow Griscom published in 1933. Click on the links below to access either book.

The first book was initially distributed as single-sided sheets within the club newsletter, then made available complete. The second book only includes changes since the first, but together they cover all bird species reported in Dutchess County through 1979. Note that both have had some errors corrected in light pencil, which is not always obvious.

Eleanor Pink first took responsibility for maintaining Dutchess County bird records in 1949 with the first Dutchess County Bird Club. She continued to do so until 1990 when Barbara Butler assumed responsibility. Her records were always very complete and well maintained on index cards. Otis Waterman kept records for the annual May Census and Christmas Bird Count beginning in 1958. His father was responsible for the May Census records following Allen Frost. His father also restarted the Christmas Count in 1946 after a lapse of some years.

Both books have now been superseded by the 2006 Birds of Dutchess County by Stan DeOrsey and Barbara Butler, which is also available on this website. However it is historically interesting to see past compilations.

Introductory text from Stan DeOrsey