Where to Bird in Dutchess County, 3rd edition

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Where to Bird in DC coverOriginally published in 1990, after 25 years it is certainly time for an update to this well-used book, now out-of-print. This new 3rd edition started when editor Barbara Butler made a digital copy from her original proof pages. Stan DeOrsey then converted all the text so that it could be edited and thus easily updated. All the maps were similarly converted to images that could also be updated. Adrienne Popko provided updates by visiting and researching many of the sites. A few sites were dropped as no longer available to bird but the vast majority remain in the new edition.

Hopefully this edition will be continually updated. While the club is not planning to print any copies, it is available here — free to download. The style of the new edition is for the text and map for any site to fit on one 8.5×11 inch sheet. If you want to print a page, you may easily do so. Or you can also print the entire PDF file; it is 60 pages.

But the work is far from complete. No new sites were added. Our intent was to convert what existed first and then to tackle adding the sites new since 1990. This is where everyone can help. If there is a site you think should be added, please write a description and draw a rough map, then send that to Stan. You can scan the map or take a clear photo of it and email that to me. I will format to fit the new edition, return it to you to proofread, then add it to the online book. If you find errors, have suggested changes, and particularly if you want to see the missing birding sites, please send the updates to Stan at jsmd@att.net. [See the final page of the book for a list of sites that need additional information.]