The Early Birds of Dutchess County

FDR diary v2

The Early Birds of Dutchess County:
Historic Lists from 1880 to 1924

Compiled and edited by Stan DeOrsey; 90 pages

Image at right: A list of “birds shot & stuffed or skinned by F.D. Roosevelt.”

When researching The Birds of Dutchess County, it was necessary to frequently refer to lists of county birds from years ago. Many of these lists were either difficult to locate or in a form which was difficult to use. As such the lists were compiled into this booklet for use by Stan and Barb but also made available to others.

Lists include:

  • Winfrid Stearns from 1880 and Elon Howard Eaton published 1910.
  • Maunsell Crosby from 1916 of migration dates and breeding dates.
  • May Census from 1919 to 1924.
  • Mary Hyatt’s first spring arrival list from 1884 to 1906.

And there is more. Anyone interested in how the bird species regularly seen in Dutchess County have changed should be interested in looking at these old lists.

This digital copy has been updated from the original printed version. The digital version is a PDF file which can be read by anyone reading this page.