Barnacle Goose

Date: October 27 - November 11, 2003Contributor(s): Bill Case, Alan Peterson, Chet Vincent

Location: LaGrange/Pleasant Valley

On October 27th Chet Vincent was called by the farmer at Domin Farm on Mountain Road. Four BARNACLE GEESE were seen with 1000+ Canada Geese. They were behind the barn in the fields. After this first sighting, the geese were seen by Chet and other club members, at Domin Farm and also at Traver Pond. They were usually at Domin Farm until early afternoon, and the Traver Pond sightings were later in the afternoon. The four Barnacle Geese were last reported at Domin Farm on Tuesday November 11.

While NYSARC accepted the species ID, the birds may have been escapes, so they were placed by NYSARC in the category of “origins uncertain” (NYSARC Annual Report, 2003).

barnacle goose barnaclegoose1

Domin Farm, 10/31/03, photos by Bill Case

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