Common Eider

Date: October 15-16, 1979Contributor(s): Howard Pellett and Mary Yegella

Location: Quaker Lake, Pawling

One female Common Eider was seen on Oct. 15-16, 1979 at Quaker Lake in Pawling.  It was found by Howard Pellet and seen by many.   The bird was photographed by Howard Pellet and Mary Yegella (it is not now known which of these two people took the photo here).

The Common Eider is regular off Montauk Point, Long Island and further east along the New England coast from mid-November through March.  More females and immatures comprise winter flocks along this southern end of the winter range.  A sea duck seldom found over land, this sighting was at least the third New York State confirmed record away from the coast, and the first Dutchess County record.

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