American Golden-Plover 11/4/15 Ryder Pond, Bangall-Amenia Road, Stanfordville

Date: 11/04/2015Contributor(s): Chet Vincent

Location: Ryder Pond, Stanfordville NY

Chet Vincent found an immature American Golden-Plover  on 11.4.2015 perched on a grass clump in Ryder Pond, Co. 86 Bangall-Amenia Road (near the Shuman Road intersection) Stanfordville, NY.

According to the BIRDS OF DUTCHESS COUNTY (p. 105) American Golden-Plovers are rare migratory visitors to Dutchess County; the most recent Fall sighting was in 1998 also discovered by Chet (and Carol Fredericks).  The most recent Spring sighting was in 2006.


American Golden-Plover

American Golden Plover, immature plover_american_golden_Carena

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