Greater White-fronted Goose – Ryder Pond, Stanfordville

Date: 10/16/16Contributor(s): Chet Vincent, Adrienne Popko, Jim Clinton

Location: Ryder Pond, Stanfordville NY

Details: A Greater White-fronted Goose was sighted by Chet Vincent on 10/16/16 ...See more.

White-winged Scoter – Lavelle Road pond, Amenia NY 10.31.2015

Date: 10.31.2015Contributor(s): Deb Tracy-Kral

Location: Lavelle Road, Amenia

Details: A White-winged Scoter was photographed amongst the hundreds of Canada Geese, a lone ...See more.

Black Scoters – Mashomack Preserve, Pine Plains 5/16/14

Date: 5.16.2014Contributor(s): John Askildsen

Location: Mashomack Preserve, Pine Plains NY

Details: John Askildsen found 4 male/4 female Black Scoters on 5-16-14 on a ...See more.

Red-necked Grebe – Long Dock, Beacon 2/1

Date: 2/1/2014Contributor(s): Terry Hardy

Location: Long Dock, Beacon

Details: Terry Hardy photographed a Red-necked Grebe on Sat. 2/1 at Long Dock ...See more.

Greater White-fronted Goose – 11/2 Salt Point Turnpike, Salt Point

Date: 11/2/13Contributor(s): Chet Vincent

Location: Salt Point Turnpike, Salt Point, NY

Details: 11/2 - Chet Vincent reported a Greater White-fronted Goose amongst the Canada ...See more.

Barnacle Goose

Date: October 27 - November 11, 2003Contributor(s): Bill Case, Alan Peterson, Chet Vincent

Location: LaGrange/Pleasant Valley

Details: On October 27th Chet Vincent was called by the farmer at Domin Farm ...See more.

Greater White-fronted Goose

Date: December 21-24, 2002Contributor(s): Barbara Mansell, Liz Martens

Location: Upper Kay’s Pond, Pleasant Valley

Details: Details: A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was found by Barbara Mansell at Drake Lake (...See more.

Common Eider

Date: October 15-16, 1979Contributor(s): Howard Pellett and Mary Yegella

Location: Quaker Lake, Pawling

Details: One female Common Eider was seen on Oct. 15-16, 1979 at Quaker Lake ...See more.