Shorebirds & Gulls

Shorebirds & Gulls

11/5/16 Hudsonian Godwit – Strauss Marsh, Amenia

Date: 11/5/16Contributor(s): Barbara Mansell, RT Waterman Bird Club FT

Location: Strauss Marsh, Haight Rd, Amenia

Details: Participants on the RT Waterman "Northern Dutchess Ducks" field trip located a Hudsonian ...See more.

Red Phalarope – Hunn’s Lake, Stanfordville NY 10.23.2016

Date: 10.23.16Contributor(s): Carena Pooth, Herb Thompson

Location: Hunn's Lake, Stanfordville

Details: A Red Phalarope was discovered by Carena Pooth and Herb Thompson foraging along ...See more.

American Golden-Plover 11/4/15 Ryder Pond, Bangall-Amenia Road, Stanfordville

Date: 11/04/2015Contributor(s): Chet Vincent

Location: Ryder Pond, Stanfordville NY

Details: Chet Vincent found an immature American Golden-Plover  on 11.4.2015 perched on ...See more.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper – Soccer Fields, 132 Rockefeller Lane, Red Hook

Date: 09-06-2015Contributor(s): Matthew Rymkiewicz

Location: 132 Rockefeller Lane, Red Hook NY

Details: A Buff-breasted Sandpiper was discovered by Matthew Rymkiewicz on 9-06-2015 on a soccer ...See more.

Bonaparte’s Gull – Garden Way, Rhinebeck NY 11.19.2014

Details: Barbara Post called late afternoon to report sighting a winter-plumaged Bonaparte's Gull on ...See more.

Black Tern – Mashomack Preserve, Pine Plains NY 5.15.2014

Date: 5.15.2014Contributor(s): Chet Vincent

Location: Mashomack Preserve (private)

Details:   Chet Vincent and others are watching a Black Tern in breeding plumage ...See more.

American Avocets

Date: 08.07.2013Contributor(s): Melissa Fisher / Also seen by Karen Kearney on Front St., Newburgh

Location: Newburgh waterfront, then flew east towards Beacon area

Details: Two American Avocets were seen by two different observers around 7:15pm flying ...See more.