Rare Birds

Rare Birds

Horned Grebes in Dutchess County

Date: 5.27.2014Contributor(s): Deb Tracy-Kral, Susan Fox Rodgers

Location: Millbrook and Red Hook NY

Details: Two Horned Grebes were seen in Dutchess County, both on the morning of ...See more.

Black Scoters – Mashomack Preserve, Pine Plains 5/16/14

Date: 5.16.2014Contributor(s): John Askildsen

Location: Mashomack Preserve, Pine Plains NY

Details: John Askildsen found 4 male/4 female Black Scoters on 5-16-14 on a ...See more.

Black Tern – Mashomack Preserve, Pine Plains NY 5.15.2014

Date: 5.15.2014Contributor(s): Chet Vincent

Location: Mashomack Preserve (private)

Details:   Chet Vincent and others are watching a Black Tern in breeding plumage ...See more.

Mourning warbler – Peach Hill, Poughkeepsie 5.14.2014

Date: 5.14.2014Contributor(s): Ryan MacLean

Location: Peach Hill Park, Poughkeepsie NY

Details: Peach Hill Park, Edgewood Drive & Patricia Lane, Poughkeepsie, continues to be a ...See more.

Lawrence’s Warbler – Buttercup Preserve East, Stanfordville 5.13.2014

Date: 5.11.2014Contributor(s): Susan Fox Rogers, Christina Baal

Location: Buttercup Preserve EAST

Details: The Lawrence's Warbler first discovered by Susan Fox Rogers and Christina Baal on ...See more.

Prothonotary Warbler at Dennings Point 5/9/14

Date: 5.9.2014Contributor(s): Aimee LaBarr

Location: Dennings Point

Details: Club member Aimee LaBarr reported to eBird, "The prothonotary warbler is a short ...See more.

Red-necked Grebe – Long Dock, Beacon 2/1

Date: 2/1/2014Contributor(s): Terry Hardy

Location: Long Dock, Beacon

Details: Terry Hardy photographed a Red-necked Grebe on Sat. 2/1 at Long Dock ...See more.

Iceland Gulls (first year) Red Wing Pond, Green Haven Road -2/1/14

Details: Chet Vincent has found 2 first-year Iceland Gulls at the Red Wing Pond ...See more.

Horned Grebe and Greater White-fronted Goose – Poughquag

Details: The Horned Grebe first seen by Adrienne Popko on 1/28/14 at ...See more.

Possible Osprey – Madam Brett Park, Beacon 12/20 @ 1pm

Details:   12/21/13 UPDATE: - per Aimee they did not have success ...See more.

Townsend’s Solitare – 11/29 Old Post Road, Staatsburg

Details: Jim Clinton reported a "Townsend's Solitaire just down the street from the Hopeland ...See more.

11/29 Greater White-fronted Goose – Lavelle Road, Amenia

Date: 11/29/13Contributor(s): Adrienne Popko

Location: Amenia, NY

Details: Adrienne Popko observed a Greater White-fronted Goose this morning in the pond on ...See more.