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Latest Photo

Tymor Forest Field Trip – 4.22.15

Details:   Wednesday April 22, 2015:   Twenty seven people came on the walk at ...See more.

Common Loon

Details: Common Loons breed on quiet freshwater lakes of the northern U.S. and ...See more.

Extralimital Rare Bird Sighting – Crested Caracara – Orange County 4/10/15

Details:      A Crested Caracara ( a tropical falcon usually only seen in Florida, Texas and ...See more.

R.T. Waterman Field Trip to Aberdeen Farm, Staatsburg

Details: April 8, 2015  Eight members attended the RT Waterman Bird Club Field Trip ...See more.

Migration notes 4/1/15

Details: From the Cornell Lab of OrnithologyBirdcast - ...See more.

2015 RT Waterman Bird Club Field Trip to Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

Date: January 2015Contributor(s): Binnie Chase, Maha Katnani

Location: Atlantic coast

Details: Seven bird club members:  Binnie Chase, Dot Fleury, Mary and Ron Gall, Maha ...See more.

Golden Eagles in Dutchess County

Date: 1/10/2015Contributor(s): Deborah Tracy-Kral

Location: Harlem Valley, Dutchess County, NY

Details: Golden Eagles often winter in the Harlem Valley corridor and in Stissing Mountain, ...See more.

Horned Grebes in Dutchess County

Date: 5.27.2014Contributor(s): Deb Tracy-Kral, Susan Fox Rodgers

Location: Millbrook and Red Hook NY

Details: Two Horned Grebes were seen in Dutchess County, both on the morning of ...See more.

Late March Migration Notes

Details: LATE MARCH - Wood Duck, Wilson's Snipe, and Eastern Phoebe return; American Woodcock ...See more.

Winter Robins

Details: Reprinted with the permission of Rich Guthrie: "It's always nice to see Robins, ...See more.

Northern Harrier

Date: October 31, 2013Contributor(s): Deborah Tracy-Kral

Location: Stanfordville, NY

Details: The Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus) is primarily a winter resident of Dutchess County ...See more.