Good Birds

Good Birds

Mississippi Kite – 9.23.2014

Details: Dick Riley reported seeing a Mississippi Kite at Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie ...See more.

Possible Manx Shearwater – Hudson River So of New Hamburg

Date: 08.07.2013Contributor(s): Walter Joseph

Details: Walter Joseph saw and photographed a probable Manx Shearwater around 5pm 8/7/...See more.

Harris’s Sparrow

Date: January 15 - May 6, 1968Contributor(s): J.E. Sweeney

Location: Dover Plains

Details: Harris's Sparrows have been found three times in Dutchess County. The first was ...See more.

Barnacle Goose

Date: October 27 - November 11, 2003Contributor(s): Bill Case, Alan Peterson, Chet Vincent

Location: LaGrange/Pleasant Valley

Details: On October 27th Chet Vincent was called by the farmer at Domin Farm ...See more.

Greater White-fronted Goose

Date: December 21-24, 2002Contributor(s): Barbara Mansell, Liz Martens

Location: Upper Kay’s Pond, Pleasant Valley

Details: Details: A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was found by Barbara Mansell at Drake Lake (...See more.

Common Eider

Date: October 15-16, 1979Contributor(s): Howard Pellett and Mary Yegella

Location: Quaker Lake, Pawling

Details: One female Common Eider was seen on Oct. 15-16, 1979 at Quaker Lake ...See more.